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BuddyCon 2.0

Here comes an app for your mobile devices that ensures there’s never a dull messaging moment!

Support OS: Android | iPhone | iPad

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BuddyCon 2.0 2.17

Requirements:2.2 and up

BuddyCon 2.0 SpeedDial 1.1.3

Requirements:iOS 5.1 or higher


BuddyCon 2.0 Updated. 7.2
More MiniGames
More Functions
More Shop Contents themes and clothes

NOTICE : Inapp Purchasing Failure
If the purchaing problem has continued after the installation of the 39;Buddycon Plus39;, please follow the following direction.
First, your market version is not recent.
Please check your market app is updated recent.
Second, your account is needed reregistration.
So, phone settingsgt;Applicationgt;Manage applicationsgt;Marketgt;Clear data and try inapp purchase again.
Third, your credit card not be available.
Please try another card.
NOTICE : Can39;t use nonlimited version even if you purchased it.
Please send an email through App MenuMail to Developer
And please attached the order number.
You can find the order number at 39;;
The example of the order number : 12999763169054705758.1367086064449500
If you39;re not able to find your purchase history at 39;;, the purchase was failed.
After we confirm your purchase history, we can register your device manually.

Here comes an app for your Android devices that ensures theres never a dull messaging moment With BuddyCon, users can create hilarious avatars, and laughoutloud animated versions, of their best friends and favorite contacts. Users can pick the clothes an avatar will wear, create a customized callscreen background, and even put their created avatars in the middle of fun games that are just a part of the fun messaging environment created by BuddyCon.
With BuddyCon for Android, you can:
Create hilarious avatars of your friends and contacts
Choose an Avatar from Gallery and set colorful fittings.
MoveFix the Avatars around your screen
Customize backgrounds and themes for your avatars
Get in touch faster with contacts by doubleclicking an avatar quicker even than speed dial
Provide older friends and loved ones or those with limitations a way to call without having to dial a number
Play different funny games with the Avatars and have some funfilled moments.
With BuddyCon, the process of placing or receiving a call, and sending or getting a text, never has to be dull, boring, brainless and restrictive. Heck, its not 1950 anymore, with rotating dial phones that make you sit there, emptyheaded, while spinning the dial. Its a bold, new world of mobile applications, and BuddyCon for Android 2.2 and higher ensures that there never has to be a dull moment even if youre simply placing a call
BuddyCon, in adding a whole new element of visual fun to the process of calling and messaging, is turning the world of communications totally on its head. Theres no reason to ever have to suffer through a dull moment not even if youre just placing a call. Now, you can see an avatar of the person calling you, doubleclick on an image to place a call or send a message and most importantly, you can easily and conveniently customize your overall experience, any way you want
Download BuddyCon today, and see what all the buzz is about Youll never want to go back to simply punching in boring old numbersand, with BuddyCon, youll never have to



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